Our Staff

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Shannon Neufeld

Director – Children’s Ministry

Shannon volunteered at various LBE retreats for several years before joining our staff in October 2018. She has volunteered in kid’s ministries throughout her adult life, serving both close to home and on mission trips to Africa, the Philippines, Mexico, Indonesia, and the UK. She completed a Holy Given International School of Missions in Pemba, Mozambique, and two years at Southland’s School of Ministers in Steinbach, MB. Shannon has a certificate in Graphic Design from Red River College, as well as a certificate in Christian Studies from Horizon College & Seminary (formerly Central Pentecostal College). Shannon is a dreamer, creator and “a small town girl with faith to move mountains.” Her creations and inspirations, as well as photo evidence that life is beautiful, can be found on Instagram @shasta_sunshine.
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Miranda Rusere

Director – Arise Middle School Ministry

Miranda discovered a passion for serving her own city while completing her degree in International Development at the University of Winnipeg. Her love for working in the Winnipeg’s core grew as she volunteered at Drop-In at Inner City Youth Alive. She enjoys the fun energy youth bring to programs and getting to building new relationships. She is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with those she encounters. In her free time, Miranda enjoys spending time with friends and family, outdoors, or reading a good book.
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Ashley Ginter

Director – Sr. Teen Ministry

Ashley came on staff in summer 2022 following her graduation with a bachelor degree in Social Work. Ashley has served in various leadership, programming and community development roles in the past, including with CareImpact and Winkler Bible Camp. Originally from Altona, MB, Ashley loves Jesus with her whole heart, enjoys exploring the world, and has developed a deep passion for community and connection, including here with Winnipeg’s West End families.
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Board of Directors

Ron Klassen (Board Chairperson)
Gord Buczko
Kurt Hollander
Don Roe
Jack Penner
Keith Mander
Kevin Masse
Rob Martens