I can do all things through God who gives me strength.

By: Nikki Tamayo, Sr. High Program Director

As Senior High Director I was so encouraged to see the excitement in the hearts of the 15 Sr. High teens that were serving as junior counselors and cooks at Explorers Bible Camp (EBC). This summer provided an opportunity for deeper, more intentional discipleship, especially as these teens were leading and caring for the younger children.

Every week my summer staff, Becky, and I were able to sit down with each of the teens serving at camp to check in on how they were doing, encourage them, and help them set goals for the week. Each time we sat down together I would ask the teens three questions: 1) What can we celebrate? 2) What can we learn from? 3) What are our goals for the rest of the week? This was often the highlight of my week. As the weeks went on, I was able to see how God was working in our junior counselors and transforming them. Each time we’d ask the teens what they wanted to see God do or what their goals for the week were, they’d almost always say the same thing, “that the kids know God more.” It was so encouraging to hear their victories, whether big or small, and how excited they were to see God work in their lives and in the lives of the kids in their care. Working at a camp all summer long is not easy. The teens were very honest with me when they felt exhausted, discouraged, or ready to go home. Yet each week they persevered and found their strength in Jesus. These teens exemplified Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

I am thankful for the opportunity to have walked alongside these teens as they journeyed further in their walk with Jesus. It was an encouragement to see these youth step out boldly and disciple the generation after them.

Please pray for our teens as they transition, from a summer of being immersed in things spiritual, back to a secular world and all of its influences. As we prepare to head into the new school year, I know that the work that God has begun in the lives of these teens will continue to greatly impact their lives, their community, and the Kingdom of God.