Summer Adventures

By: Ben Kroeker

Kids just want to do stuff during the summer. They are looking for any means possible to fill up their day with stuff that gets them excited and gives them a good story to tell. Summer Adventures for Kids wants to offer stuff for kids to do this summer; but we want that stuff to help them grow as young people. Each day we’ve been picking up kids and bringing them to a club that teaches them how to improve their skills in activities that they are excited about. While kids learn more about art, dance, music, nature, science, cooking, photography, sports, crafts, and drama, they also experience how these things point to Jesus and His plan for their lives.

The summer staff and volunteers have been seeing growth effects in the kids as they talk with and guide them at each club event. Here are some of their stories:

  • Sports Club: “Some of the kids were really hesitant to join in one of the games, but then one of the kids got really excited and inspired the others to join in. The games took off from there.  Positive leadership is growing in the children.
  • Music Club: “We started writing our own songs and one girl very quickly had a couple of lines written about her being the ‘Princess of God.’” Kids are seeing their value and their connection to God.
  • Art Club: “One of the kids strongly expressed: ‘People will see the mural I painted!’” The new mural on the back of Living Bible Explorers’ Ministry Building will be a testimony of what kids can accomplish when they use their gifts for good and to the glory of God. Kids will be able to show friends what their hands have created and how God guided them that summer.

There are many more stories that could be shared, and each club has been able to focus on the unique personalities, interests, and faith growth of the children that attend. Our club leaders and volunteers are able to share their passion and gifts in a specific way as they guide a club in an area that they are excited about. Kids are doing stuff with Summer Adventures and those things are developing their skills and their relationship with God.

Athletes in Action Soccer Camp

By: Nicola Plett

Althetes in Action soccer camp2During the week of July 7 to the 11, Living Bible Explorers partnered with Calvary Temple and Athletes in Action to run a soccer camp for our kids and teens. We worked on soccer skills and put them to use in games and mini tournaments. The six coaches from Athletes in Action brought a lot of professionalism and personal connecting with the kids during the activities. The kids got lots of one on one time with leaders and were challenged to improve their skills, as well as their character, in specific ways.

We had wonderful Bible times where we watched short movies about professional soccer players and how God has helped them in times of need. This helped the kids to see how they can serve God in everyday activities, such as playing soccer. We talked about God’s love for us even when we fail, what it means to be successful, and what it means to live for God. We were very thankful to partner with Athletes in Action, and we hope to work with them again in the future.