“Is There Someone There Who Can Pray With Me?”

By: Jo-Anne Scott, Office Coordinator

“Is there someone there who can pray with me?” the woman asked on the phone.  This mother’s children, and now grand-children in her care, have grown up in LBE.  She herself has helped out in the kitchen at weekend camps and her family members are faithful attendees at our family events.  Occasionally this mother/grandmother calls for prayer.  This time she was struggling with anger and un-forgiveness towards her youngest child’s father.   

A male relative, who had taken this woman’s children into care when she was unable to care for them, had just passed away.  On top of her grief, this woman was now struggling with the child”s father who was not responding in the supportive way that she felt he should.   

“I don’t like the way I’m feeling right now,” she told me after she explained the situation. “Can you pray for me?”   

So we prayed.  We thanked God that He comforts those who mourn and that His forgiveness enables us to “forgive those who trespass against us.”1  After our prayer she let out a big sigh that emanated peace and then told me how thankful she was for her sobriety and God’s redemption.  We praised God some more, she thanked me for praying with her and I tearfully thanked her for the honour and privilege. 

“Living Bible Explorers exists so that the children, youth, and families that we work with would come to know the Lord Jesus Christ, and be in His presence when He returns. This is our joy.”2  It is also our joy to include you, LBE’s prayer warriors and financial supporters, in this existence.   

This year’s theme verse at Explorer’s Bible Camp was, “We do it to get a crown that will last forever,” 1 Corinthians 9:25b.  At Living Bible Explorers, the board and staff are extremely grateful to partner with you in this ministry that God has built up in the inner city of Winnipeg.  Together we “run with purpose in every step:”3 

  • “To provide a regular place and program of religious instruction and worship for children and their families in the core areas of the city of Winnipeg. 
  • To evangelize and disciple children and their families in the core areas of the city of Winnipeg. 
  • To establish and direct programs and activities that will achieve these purposes.” 4 

Together, we will enter His presence when He returns and get crowns that will last forever.  Let us continue to thank our Lord for this honour and privilege!